You can find here some works I published



Marie-Claire Russie

Illustrations realised for an article about fashion in France (Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Deauville, L’île de Ré).
The director wanted live drawings with characters. I got inspired by my sketchbooks and photos. Knowing the place is very important: Monaco’s best point of view is from off coast for instance…

The Only – Métropole de Lyon 

Illustrations realised at the Whodunit bookfair, famous Festival Quais du Polar.
The editorial staff wraped their article with these moments I captured between booksellers and authors…




En route vers Bagdad
Author: Hugues Beaujard – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Dadoclem 2009)

The first time you sign a publishing contract is always moving. For this novel, I had to imagine the glorious VIII century Bagdad, when the Arabic invented sciences… Just back from Yemen, it’s been a new trip to travel in our past and find out our oriental history!

Missions Byzantines
Author: Hugues Beaujard – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Dadoclem 2012)

Find some information about byzantine era, when you have family in Istanbul, it’s amazing. The dream is to walk around the town with my aunt, a photographer in Istanbul. That’s how could be born the new adventure of Majid the Bagdadi…
The book is recommended by the Department of Education.

Les aventures de Majid avec Charlemagne
Author : Hugues Beaujard – illustrator : Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Dadoclem 2016)

Last challenge: illustrate Charlemagne, his life and his court, sticking to the documentation!
Did you know we still have gifts of this era at the Beaux-Arts museum of Lyon and Louvre?


Jardin d’insectes
Author: Lolita Pacreau – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Sablier 2009)

Scientific album! entomologists love our precision, but also our lightness and poetry brought thanks to illustration.
The book is recommended by Musée des Confluences.

Afrique, droit à l’enfance
Authors: Jessica Nliba et Didier Reuss – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Sablier 2009)

Eleven children tell us about their daily life, subtile to illustrate them. For instance, you can see here little girls waiting for their turn. There are also works of African artists. A universe to discover.
The book has been nominated to Salon de Montreuil.
Didier Reuss runs the bookshop at Musée du Quai Branly, Jessica Nliba is from Cameroun.




Los Viajes de Emily Nudd Mitchell
Author illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Demipage 2009)

A great journey testimony: travel sketchbook sailing to Alexandria to celebrate the Aid on december, 31st, travel to Yemen to share women’s daily life, follow Senegalese people along the Gambie river without crossing Satans, end magically in Istanbul, for my Turkish cousin’s wedding…
My published sketchbook enabled me to present it around the whole iberian peninsula.
The book has been nominated at Premio Ruta del Cid in Spain and Prix international du Rendez-vous du Carnet de voyage in France.


Le destin de Shéhérazade
Author: Boyan Behrmann – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Yomad 2012)

A black and white novel for teenagers, full of orientalist art using aesthetic shapes to balance contrast.
This novel takes place in some real roses valley.

Le loup et le hérisson
Author: Ahmed al Taieb al Alj – illustrator: Emily Nudd Mitchell – (Editions Marsam 2010)

Typically mediterranean… Poetry is a good way to play with illustration. Our goal here is to give a visual language as it’s written in three languages for the little Moroccan children.


SPAIN – Navarre Government
Illustrations for the Route to Compostella

SPAIN – Casa Arabe
Illustrations for the new year celebrations

SPAIN – Spatial planning agency
Illustrations for a Region project

SPAIN – Catering
Illustrations for menus

Today, I offer you my artistic services.