Emily dessine has to stop the special events activity
and is about to create a travel sketchbooks blog.

The website is being reshaped and will be ready soon.

I am creating this blog to share with you
my sketchbooks full of humour and poetry.

I will also give you ideas to stimulate your creativity.
Shall we warm the pencils up?

A magic moment, a unique souvenir,
a work of art to sublimate your emotions…

Let’s share


I offer you to travel among my watercolours,
– to boost your creativity –
at Lyon, in France and all around the world…


“Always make of your picture an opening to the world.”

Leonardo da Vinci

Who am I?


As a travelling artist, I’ve drawn all over the world.

My experience of nominated author-illustrator for literary awards
and my passion to pass on drawing skills (ex teacher at École Émile Cohl)
are huge assets to bring water to your watercolours! :)




“Thank you so much ! It’s wonderful !!!! As usual ! I’m really sure everybody’s gonna love your graphic report about anises sweets. Here they all congratulate you.”

Isabelle Cassotti, community manager - Côte d'Or Tourisme

“Your watercolour are beautiful, we really enjoyed seeing them appearing on the screen… Many thanks.”

Catherine Troubat, Head manager - Fabrique d'anis de Flavigny

« When I saw Emily’s travel sketchbooks, I thought « this is THE best idea of customised gift! » From a selection of our trip’s pictures in Namibia, Emily realised a wonderful watercolour.
Enriched by memories and emotions, this gift really pleased my husband!
I recommend without any hesitation,
Thanks a lot and cheers Emily! »

Amaelle - Customised gift

“We really appreciated your discretion and your professionnalism yesterday night, we look forward to seeing your works of art.”

Pierre-Louis - Birthday gift

“Thank you so much again to have come and visited us despite of the winter cold. Every body, students and staff, is thrilled and we are looking forward to your visit next year.”

Caroline and Patricia, cultural activities managers - Lycée français de Londres

« Extraordinary! You’re so fast! »

Nadja Pobel, journalist - Le petit bulletin, Lyon

“The report has a nice snowball effect. One of our American providers, The French farm, just told me about it from Texas !”

Catherine Troubat, Head manager - Fabrique d'anis de Flavigny

“We can see you’ve got talent and experience in your art.”

Pierre-Henri Alquier, Marketing manager - Opéra de Lyon

“We are just back from our holidays and found your packet in our mailbox. Thank you so much for such original souvenirs! We’re going to frame them and fix them on the wall at home…

Amélie - Wedding gift

“We thank you for this lavish present, you’re very talented.”

Elise - Wedding gift

“We recognize your style.”

Benjamin Mialot, journalist - Le petit bulletin, Lyon

“Thank you so much for the drawings, we got them this morning! It’s really beautiful – so many details, wonderful! A fantastic souvenir for us :-)
One thousand thanks! We will be thrilled to see you during a next event :-)”

Anna - Birthday gift

«I like it very much! It is very fresh, delicate and we feel that it is made with the heart; you will tell her that what she made is very precious for me and I hope I can see her again to tell it to her. Wonderful memory for you two, you had an excellent idea to make her come!”

La mère de la mariée - Mariage à Toulouse

«I’d like to thank you for your great work ! It’s been nice to see everyone revolving around you while painting them. I’m so happy Yann and Charlène were pleased by the surprise, they’ll have nice watercolour memories. Your paintings are amazing. Thank you so much !»

Pauline - Wedding gift


Questions about creativity?

Everything is possible   |   Just give it a try

So, how will you begin?

You can ask me any question there: