Mariage à Bormes les Mimosas - Cérémonie sous les pins centenaires

Bormes les Mimosas Wedding – Ceremony under the hundred-year-old pines (Detail)


The preparations take place in the sound of cicadas. Daniel Chavey gives the last touch, it will be soon the moment… Can you feel the emotion?

The guests have their seat under the pine trees shadow, near the vineyard.

Time has stopped while jazzmen play. Suddenly they arrive…

I settled my easel up to capture a panoramic framing. Portraits of the weds when they say yes. The best men’s words. The two maids of honour with white gown and flowers crown. Each elegant detail directed by the wedding planners Elodie and Delphine – Fabrique à rêves, with magnificient flowers by l’art qui pousse.

Emotions are metaphors: between illustrations, beloved sentences caligraphy, Aragon’s poems, friendship’s to be witnessed and full of humour little stories.

Words are so important on our D-day. We would like to keep them forever…

At the end of the ceremony, guests are invited to a cocktail. They get to see the illustrated ceremony. They discover the moment they just lived in a painting. Let’s extend the emotion… They take a picture of the frame. They will enjoy to come and have a look at the paintings for now on. Let the party begin!


Mariage à Bormes les Mimosas - Domaine Sainte Marie

Bormes les Mimosas Wedding – Domaine Sainte Marie (Detail)


I take my easel to the cocktail served among the golden walls of Domaine de Sainte Marie. A vineyard to celebrate an elegant wedding, at the heart of the scrubland which overhangs the Mediterranean Sea.

I always offer the wed couple to paint the venue as a seminal piece.

While the watercolour dries, I draw discretely among the guests. Feeling the atmosphere to create an illustration: people who fan themselves under fig trees, photobooth and sun umbrellas…


Mariage à Bormes les Mimosas - Cocktail chic au son du jazz manouche

Bormes les Mimosas wedding – Cocktail and jazz, so chic (Detail)


…singing fountain, chefs who create a flavours universe to their guests… Marrou catering sublimates the cocktail which enlights near the hot stones of the venue.

It is all the Mediterranean Sea which invites itself at the wedding. A moment of life.

The garden party is full of attentions to the young couple. I enjoy collecting the marriage highlights just like in a travel sketchbook. A bit of comic style to reflect the best man speech. A petal gleaned at the end of the ceremony comes to dress the set. Clic clac, the moment is on paper!


Mariage à Bormes les Mimosas - Les mots des témoins

Bormes les Mimosas wedding – Maids of honour words (Detail)


Dinner will take place under an immaculate tent among the Provence landscape. While I begin to paint it, Alban Pichon, wedding photographer, offers to take the group pictures in front of the mediterranean garden. Guests who wait for their turn chat around the easel.

A friendly moment around both artists who build a unique souvenir for the wed couple and their guests.

The latter then go to the tent where the decor adds magic in the air


Mariage à Bormes les Mimosas - La tente pour le dîner devant les champs provençaux

Bormes les Mimosas Wedding – Dinner tent among Provence fields (Detail)


The events set specialists Belounge really made a great dream set full of glamour at sunset. Sieved garlands form so many small stars illuminate the beautiful tables..

Suddenly the music announces the newly wed couple arrival.

The evening looks livened up between speeches and the soundtrack created especially by Discotecnik.
Beautiful wedding. I really thank the wedding planners Élodie et Delphine, fantastic directors, and the other providers: it is a great pleasure to work together.


One month later, I will send works of art to the wed couple, a unique souvenir.
Here is below their kind testimony :

“We just received our parcel, we are so excited!

Thank you so much – you perfectly reflected the atmosphere and the details of our wedding with elegance, humour and emotion! You are so talented! We already look for frames to hang the paintings on the wall.”

If you feel like keeping an original souvenir of your wedding,

I can be your painter. What about meeting each other?


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