The weds-to-be organised a spiritual wedding on top of the mountain.

Mariage dans la Drôme - Parc et fontaine - Aquarelle sur chevalet

Mariage dans la Drôme – Park details

Mariage dans la Drôme - Bulles et applaudissements pour les jeunes mariés

Mariage dans la Drôme – Cheering the newly weds

Full of good vibes. Nature elements are important to them. I decide to paint with the domain’s water… The water that springs at their wedding finds its way through my paintings they will keep as a souvenir at home. Highly symbolic and moving.

During the ceremony, I move discreetly. Capturing the decor, framing the happy couple, angel fountain and majestic trees, endless horizon.

Then cocktail. My easel takes place near the guests: they can see the work in progress at the foot of the terrace…


Each wedding is different: I create custom-made paintings, listening to every detail you wish.


We were three artists to reflect the d-day:

Aurélia, filmmaker lovelytime, and Sébastien, wedding photographer. Several medias to keep the moment alive…

I really appreciate to work with other artists. We always feel up for the challenge to create a unique vision together. Video, photos and paintings are complementary. Artists always used all these medias since the beginning.

At the end of the day, it deals with the same artistic challenges: carving light to reflect the emotion.

Today we enlighten the bride and groom and their guests.

Just like the painting by Dagnan Bouveret, La noce chez le photographe, that you can admire at musée des Beaux Arts de Lyon!


What about you, have you find the artists to keep a unique souvenir?
Tell me about your wedding, I’d like to know more!


Mariage dans la Drôme - Le domaine - Aquarelle

Mariage dans la Drôme – Watercolour details

Mariage dans la Drôme - Work in progress - Aquarelle live painting

Mariage dans la Drôme – Work in progress.

Mariage dans la Drome - Ceremonie de mariage - Wedding live painting

Mariage dans la Drôme – Ceremony

Mariage dans la Drome - Domaine et chevalet - Watercolour live painting

Mariage dans la Drôme – Venue