You can feel it as soon as you get in: the flamingos orchestra gives you an overwhelming welcome. Let the trip begin…


At first you come to have fun. You already imagine what you’ll see at the Parc des oiseaux and it’s going to be wonderful. Actually it’s much more than that. Push the first door on tip toe to grope along a tropical jungle. Don’t we really move to a different universe? Let’s check the green leaves out for something moving…

Just here! Have you ever seen such a tucan that stuck a yellow painted cocoa nut on its beak? Neither did I! Well I must admit it’s there in front of me… We go on our way in the jungle when we hear a cow (a bit like these noisy “moo-box”). Quite strange, not dreaming: this beautiful bird does definitely not know how to sing. Can you hear it? Might sound like: “Blmglllmjlblblblb”.


First crush: we came to have fun and we just begun with this feathered Castafiore! We suddenly travel at Lyon’s doors.

A little further, we discover the sky people’s subtleties. Feathers’ colors are highly encoded. They really do have tricks to protect themselves, get food or turning chicks on of course… All right, perpetuate the species. Lots of them are faithful. It’s all about surviving. As the song said, Darwin is right, isn’t he?


Second crush: we learn around the alleys, our five senses on alert…

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save the birds and raise the public’s awareness of environmental issues.” The Park really plays his part in advocating the oppressed ones (we hope they are not all), they are a kind of animal rights attorney. Along the path, our conscience gets it without guilt. That is still so true: it’s really time to react…

Ok now, let’s cheer us up with the Park cute births register:

Did you notice? These animals feel good. It’s just like they don’t care about us. Sometimes, we even wonder if it’s not them watching us. Are they taking the mickey out of us on our way? In the Australian bush, kangaroos chew grass endlessly, so snob. In Africa, pelicans are busy ventilating, they won’t dare blink at us. After the nap, the grand dukes devour small chicks (dead chicks, but still, even so we can feel instinct is intact).

Migration et climat - Parc des oiseaux, un monde à partager


Third crush: everybody’s feeling good here, it’s owly great…

Trainers move heaven and earth to take care of their protégés. Their efforts are highly rewarded. Best proof is the births register, not only the legendary storks… If we tell you in addition that a landscapist works hard on staging the endemic trees, creating here a Chilian desert for penguins, there an African savannah for ostriches. Fauna and flora really match together: hats off, gentlemen artists.

Further going, arising emotions! It’s an interior whirlppol: our instincts wake-up along the raptors. We know they are used to human presence, but still, our crow’s feet are like jelly, our beak lows down in our wings. All different with the lories bringing us back to childhood. At last a sip of anthropomorphism, we think about Levi-Strauss and his myths – Savage mind and bird to bird. Each one seems to have its own personality. When the puckish budgies are on a playground, the graceful crane dances on the stage like a ballerina (William Fiennes tells us in “The snow gees”). The two ostriches run heavily on a rugby pitch, kicking out of the scrum the “poor chickens” who won’t measure up.


The hit of the show IS the show: our fourth crush!

Spectacle événement - Parc des oiseaux, un monde à partager

Waouh! Fasten seat belts! Seating in a wooden amphitheater lost in the leaves in front of the lake, we wait. As patient as the many children filling the tiers up. When the first rustles of wings announce the curtain raiser, it’s the general delight. Some wading birds just settle behind and keep an eye on us. They soon take off when a big marabout brushes past people with its flight feathers. The public shivers, then raises eyes to the sky</strong >: a multicolored thick cloud invades the space and nobody knows which way to turn any more. This final bouquet announces the end of the ballet which fades away in trees.


Our fifth crush goes to the perpetual evolution of the park. We’ll come back at fall to see the migratory birds. It’s a date.


What about you? Would you like to discover the Parc des Oiseaux during a congress?

Good news, the nursery has a special place for firms meetings, perfect for ideas to be born! I would be so glad to accompany you, to realise for you a drawn report of your event. It will be an original souvenir for your teams. You can also post your portraits on your trade’s social networks.

Discoveries, feelings, emotions… Le Parc des Oiseaux keeps its promises. Should we go together?

20170807 Humeur semaine - Le spectacle de la nature