My client asked me to realise a watercolour about Namibia, a magic honeymoon original souvenir….

You can see some details above. I worked with my clients’ pictures, for the illustration to reflect several moments of their trip. I highlighted the African warm colours. I also had a lot of fun painting the animals’ movement, jewels of the natural parks.

My client offered this gift to her husband for Christmas. She sent me these nice words afterwards:

« When I saw Emily’s travel sketchbooks, I thought « this is THE best idea of customised gift! »

From a selection of our trip’s pictures in Namibia, Emily realised a wonderful watercolour.
Enriched by memories and emotions, this gift really pleased my husband!
I recommend without any hesitation,
Thanks a lot and cheers Emily! »

If you wish to order a customised watercolou, I can paint your memories. What are your inspiring pictures?