Alsace is a european main crossroads: it’s ideal to set an international meeting!

Partie de mölkky dans les prés - Emily Nudd-Mitchell

That’s how a young couple decided to throw there a big party for their birthday.

And their friends prepared a big surprise which I was part of!

They gave me all the details to draw every moment, every little surprise… And guests of course!

Among them I met again with pleasure the wed couple I drew this summer.


Concours de chorégraphie - Emily Nudd-Mitchell

They sent me nice words afterwards:

Their friends who asked me to come:
“Bonjour Emily,
We hope you had a nice trip back home. Thank you again to have come!
We really appreciated your discretion and your professionnalism yesterday night, we look forward to seeing your works of art.”
And the couple who received my paintings as a gift:
“Bonjour Emily,
Thank you so much for the drawings, we got them this morning! It’s really beautiful – so many details, wonderful! A fantastic souvenir for us :-)
One thousand thanks!
We will be thrilled to see you during a next event :-)”

I will be thrilled too! If you also plan a birthday, tell me what you would like: I am listening to you.


Rayon de soleil - Emily Nudd-Mitchell