You’ll feel like in a time capsule travelling along the shore…

Today’s fishermen still use vikings maritime knowledge and language. You can visit this universe in the fantastic book “Inside the viking’s eye” by geologist Arnaud Guérin.
Tides bring back boats at the harbour


What a generous sea over here: tonight we will have lobster!

Tatihou : un fort Vauban au creux des flots

Once the tide is low, you can go by foot to Tatihou Island! You will just walk between the oysters beds.
Enjoy these fresh seashells just like this: amazing milky nut taste!
Isigny also breeds oysters, softer and a bit crunchy. Give it a try!
Isigny : la crème de la crème


For dessert, butter salted caramel from the famous Isigny factory. Just delicious

They will offer you some chocolate and vanilla toffees to taste. Then you will see the huge fudge paste in the manufacturing shop, tickling your taste buds. Finally you will get a marvellous ice-cream, childhood flavour
By the way, Lord d’Isigny was part of William the Conqueror‘s companions. This name is twice famous today: d’Isigny actually became Disney after landing in England!
Port artificiel d'Arromanches : D day, le débarquement

Ten centuries later, the English landed on the other shore. My grandfather was part of it, at Utah Beach in August 1944. I found some moving stories by one of his comrades. Jack Nudd also appears in “Paris brûle-t-il”: his officer asks him to stop right away to strafe the Concorde square…
Dives, le port de Guillaume le Conquérant

When you finally get to Dives-sur-mer, right where William boarded with his companions, you just feel like you’ve been living for one thousand years.

Normandy exudes her charms, you need to taste them!