Meanwhile the american festival is full on at Deauville, a lady shows up with a very special haute-couture dress…

And this is Notre Dame de Grâce, the Saint mother of Honfleur, who received a coat completely embroidered with Swarovski diamonds. The couturiers who create Madonna and Lady Gaga’s outfits, On aura tout vu, created just for her a fantastic costume.


Even more touching, it’s got the same codes as the gifts fishermen offer to Saint Mary in the little chapel.

Model boats and embroidered shells, each detail recalls these ex-votos made out of floating wood and nets… And there is the designers’ touch: shiny picks and modern crowns as we could already admire on the Ballet du théâtre de Genève while playing Casse-noisette.


The couturiers adorn the works of art with such a modern veil that it blows dust away for a long time.

Plage de Deauville, Trouville et baie de Seine en arrière-plan


On Deauville’s famous planches, wooden walk along the beach, Joséphine Baker already enjoyed to walk her panther during the roaring twenties.

She used to say: “Down in Deauville, you need to observe and be observed.” Actually, the resort is a peaceful place where discretion is a hit. The activities you could enjoy at Joséphine’s time are still on. We share our time between beach and horse racing fields.


As I did grow-up in this magic universe, in a great family of horse breeders, I’m always glad to be back during Deauville’s charming summertime

My generation was the last of these amazing “whisper to the horses” traditions. But the stud farms are still there: some other whisperers go on with their work with art. This is really moving!

· My great grand-father’s stud farm: Haras du Gazon
· My grand-father’s stud farm: Haras des Monceaux
· My father’s stud farm: Haras des Biches


I will be thrilled to share these emotions with you: I will be your best guide for your free time during your MICE in Normandy.

Hippodrome de Deauville Clairefontaine