Cuba - Homme à la canne à sucre - Photo modèle Cuba - L'homme à la canne à sucre - aquarelle


I was just asked to realise a triptych of a photo-shoot in Cuba, so inspiring for all kind of artists…


These three pictures are their authors’ favourite ones.

They wanted their trip spirit to be highlighted: three encounters halfway around the world. They captured in these snapshots their protagonists’ attitudes. They share with us this daily life, both close and exotic to us.


Cuba - Femme au cigarro - Photo modèle Cuba - La vieille dame au cigarrillo - aquarelle


That’s what I wanted to show in my watercolour interpretation, while sticking to an accurate reproduction.

So I increased the contrasts to bring out the tropical light. I reinforced the colours to set a Caribbean warm atmosphere. I also softened up the faces expression to give them an dreamlike touch. Memories always end-up wearing a veil. Their picture always acquire a patina and get romanticized along the way.


Cuba - Linge aux fenêtres - Photo modèle Cuba - Le linge aux fenêtres - aquarelle


If you want, I can adapt your memories in watercolours. What about your inspiring pictures?


Triptyque de Cuba