Sketching people - Lynne Chapman


Sparkling British illustrator Lynne Chapman has just published a book about how to sketch people. She presents inside it one of my “full-of-life sketches”.

The book is really well made. You get kees to draw life models, and material and techniques tips as well. My sketch is in the chapter “Different styles and approaches“. Lynne Chapman describes it like that:


“Using pattern to define edges.”

There is so much liveliness captured in this sketch by Emily Nudd-Mitchell. Notice that the two figures in front have very little line at all; their shape is mainly defined by the pattern on their clothes. By not “tethering” the figures with a hard line, a real feeling of movement comes across. See how little information is needed to describe the faces.”
Brest - Fanfare - Emily Nudd-Mitchell


I realised this sketch at the festival Ici et Ailleurs de Brest where I was invited to exhibit my travel sketchbooks.

I presented my drawn reports with travellers and gypsies (you can see some of them on the festival website).
Great time to meet other artists. Such as Marion Le Bec who welcomed me in her fantastic art-studio-house. There’s even a press in her kitchen: I drew it straight away! Marion creates modern prints about the sea world: fresh air on paper. She’s the heir of Hokusai’s wave.
Brest - Marion Le Bec - Emily Nudd-Mitchell
Of course I couldn’t help to splash colours in my sketchbook during the whole festival, even for the gipsy-music show and the giant puppets theatre. Perfect time to catch many many characters.


Meeting people puts salt in life, just like characters do in the drawings.

So, what about meeting each other? I propose you to get started in this arty exercice during a workshop of team building or business tourism.


Would you be thrilled to know how to draw characters?