Forget all you know and come with fresh eyes. Not that easy, Rome is huge. I’ve been living there for one month ten years ago, walking around the streets, making my daily appointment with the Pantheon’s icecream maker. I finally find my way, as ruins don’t move, but the town does. Rome has a new look every day.


Let’s go for a total immersion for the week-end. Discovering first an unexepected aspect of the modern Roman: the town is warmly welcoming the four legs citizen. They have been protected for twenty years and live safely all around the town.

The animals quietness is amazing in Rome.

They haven’t been sent in the arena for a long time. Now the warm stones of the antique ruins give them nice beds in the sun. They make perfect models to pratice a bit of watercolour.

Isn’t it the perfect moment to use Amalfi paper as a luxury set?

This handmade paper comes from a long tradition, thanks to arabic craftsmen who brought the paper mill during the middle ages. Today, this threatened heritage survives thanks to prestigious clients such as Vatican.


Rome La dolce vita


Is dolce vita just a mask?

The movie’s still topical actually. Life has its bitterness also in Rome, just as said in the news.

Fellini earned an oscar for the costumes.

Is this a cliché in a country where fashion is always refreshing itself? Some Romans show a pretty much controled elegance. Not everyone, don’t fall into the cliché trap…


Rome Les sculptures du Palatin


The antique inheritance is overwhelming.

There’s not enough time in one’s life to figure out what was whether the huge Palatine palace, or the amazing Diocletian thermal baths. Caen’s University helps us make this dream come true through lectures and 3D reconstructions larger than life.

A scheduled fade-out?

Well, how is it possible for such a powerful civilisation to finally be dying out? There are so many guides downtown, you can hear several tales: “Barbarians just destroyed the aqueducts.”

The emperors also got used to tragically kill one another. Coming from Lyon, it’s chilly to bump into a bust of empress Julia Domna, who gave birth in Lugdunum to her sadly famous son Caracala. Murder craftsmen’ family…
Julia Domna wasn’t tender, and Lyonnaise people did not regret her. But her portrait is still there. Mass production was already on and leaders’ communication is nothing new…


Rome Piazza Navona et Le Bernin


Unhoped-for revival!

Rome got rebuilt at the Renaissance under Michelangelo’s chisels. It’s Bernini who comes right afterwards wraping the town with baroque. His masterpieces are all around, above all sculptures, sometimes highlighted by Ancient Egypt’s obelisks. Announcing Orientalism and Arts-and-crafts, he proves that there is no fence in art: just dare.

New emotion as a Lyonnaise.

Rome influenced the Gaul’s capital following Michelangelo and Raphaël. In the Italian and Roman area called Vieux Lyon, we find with excitement some vestiges at l’antiquaille cheering up the king. Artists stop by this delightful european crossroads, full of artistic life from north and south. If all the roads lead to Rome, you must stop in Lyon while going to the “big  tour”, artists’ initiation journey to Italy. Poussin is an ambassador of this big tour in the Beaux arts museum of Lyon.

Back home, I can feel Rome again: Lyon is a great place to follow the trip along the antique influences.