The community manager’s goal: two concepts to help the web users picturing their holiday.


Nuits Saint Georges 3 - VinificationThe greeter’s tales pictured.


Two touristic keys: discovering while walking is nice, above all with greeters to guide you.

Two drawn reports about Burgudy heritage for these visits: Beaune wines capital and the Nuits-Saint-Georges’ region.


Beaune 5 - Couleurs de BourgogneBeaune 1 - Plan medieval 3D visit with greeters, Burgundy watercolors.

At Beaune, two greeters show us the city backstage: how the wine is so important in daily life organisation, how much the Beaunois are modest and generous, why you can get inside the buildings and discover beautiful hidden paths… You visit, you ask yourself about local curios, and they straight away give you the clue.

While reading this online report, the Côte d’Or tourisme web visitor can imagine how it is to enjoy greeters walks. He pictures himself on holiday at Beaune: Reached the goal! !


Greeters walk at Beaune for Côte d’Or tourisme.


When hike and culture get along together. As Voltaire said, let’s tend to your own… vineyard. The web users will enjoy this program which won’t be only virtual.

At Nuits-Saint-Georges, the country vine doctor who guides us. He shows us the longtime wine growers’ solidarity network. His stories give life to the surrounding vine stocks.

Again, the website user pictures himself walking in the vineyards, listening to the fantastic greeter-doctor’s tales for his holidays. Reached the goal!

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Balade dans les vignobles de Nuits-Saint-Georges avec un greeter pour Côte d’or tourisme.