“I’m looking for an original communication tool, you see, something different and nice that clients can keep with them.”


1 Usine illustration - Reportage industriel - Emily Nudd-Mitchell

Reportage entreprise - Mine - CouvertureReportage entreprise - Mine - Usine


That’s how the CEO of a spanish mine told me about his wishes. I realised illustrations for a book, poetic ambassador of his activity.


Here’s the making-off of my drawn reports in three steps:

– I come on site to draw the structure,
– I work in studio on the drawings,
– I deliver poetic pictures charming for firms and targets.


“I’ve been looking so long for an artist to draw the firms’ visits.”


To know more about my work, you can check on the interview by Wesavoirfaire (Comptoir des entreprises), here’s an extract:


“After several months, we finally discover Emily and her beautiful drawings made at Les Anis de Flavigny.

She tells us about how she made it! What do you think? Does she make you feel like visiting Les Anis de Flavigny ?
– Emily, your way has been different, can you tell us about how you became a professional artist?” (read more)