Villa -Album de mariage Emily Dessine - Malaga

Spring, love season launching weddings season…


Last summer, a couple asked me to realise their wedding sketchbook.

On the phone, the bride asked me to capture a sample of each moment, beggining with preparations till the dancefloor. The wedding would take place in a villa down in Marbella, the luxurious seaside town in the south of Spain.

Between ten hours, I had created ten colorfull sketches that the new wed couple will hung in its house, a beautiful frames wall, moving paintings wall.


Wedding album – Extracts


The drawings are made on live then retouched in the studio.

I organise my works in three steps : the decor first ! Before the guests arrive, I paint the tropical flowers, the panorama on the Mediterranean sea in front of the palace of Andalousia, the garden for a ceremony under the palmtrees… Then comes the ceremony, and the party, with guests portraits.


Capturing the ceremony


I especially pay attention to speeches and emotions.

Each drawing is a print on paper to keep the moment alive. The line becomes the story’s link, words of love, items around the new wed couple, symbolic gifts… I take it all in the album to create a souvenir which makes a nice complement to the photos. Sounds, perfumes and music enrich the illustration.

Guests come to have a look at my drawings, it’s entertaining. At the end of the day, several people ask to see the results. “That’s pretty cool to get a live sketcher for a wedding !”


Reflecting the atmosphere with watercolor


The party will enlighten the pictorial touch!

Night is falling and lights fade a bit, bringing us impressionnism colours. Degas or Monet, Van Gogh or Toulouse-Lautrec are all night painters who inspire me the party atmosphere.

I’ll leave with lots of sketches to work on. One month later, I send the album by mail to the bride and groom. Let’s extend the moment forever


If you’re looking for an original souvenir, I’d be delighted to create it for you. Contact-me and we’ll speak about your project!


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The album, ready to send…