May B, “à la fin de l’envoi je touche” just like Cyrano…

I’ve been to a contemporary dance show. It looks like it’s been created just yesterday, but it’s from 1981. It’s amazing how these silhouettes, without a word (or so few), give us such a bunch of emotions. At the end of the show, young people from high school shout “I so did love it” and young girls “I cryed twice”.
Maguy Marin, generous choregrapher, meets us after the show for a sharing talk. Thanks to Maison de la danse, who organises, just like Opéra de Lyon, beautiful moments with artists!


Maguy Marin, both smile and charisma, seats in front of us, sixty “all ages” people. She tells us that her Compagnie just settled near Lyon in a place that also welcomes artistic residences, the Ramdam.

Inspiration? Daily life, what we see outside, and courage. Helping being brave enough to change the world.

Movment and gesture? First one is universal, wind, plants, second one is more human.

Clay all around the stage and dancers? Beckett’s indication in his work.

Dance touches all kind of public? This is the goal. But people still keep themselves confined in their bubble.

Dance in Art? There’s no border at all anymore. Above all with visual arts, if you think of videos and performances. Dance is warmly welcoming other arts.

More a dancer or a choregrapher? First a dancer, then a choregrapher. I must dance the movment to write it down in a choregraphy.