Photo : Priscilla Petit


In January, my workshops allowed the participants to express their creativity inside a group energy. Through travel sketchbooks, to lay out illustrations, legends, descriptions, poetry… And comic strips, to draft together a scenario and stage it!

In London,the group who realized a literary travel sketchbook enjoyed collecting information in sketches at the City and Thames. Back in studio, we were able to put all together the descriptive elements, telling History and legends of London. Other groups ventured on a range of literary and artistic exercises: story-board to realise a movie by the end of year or poem illustration following contemporary artists


Photos : Priscilla Petit et Patricia Attwell


An activity to let your creativity spring while being attuned to the group.

In Madrid, a workshop of travel sketckbooking to get useful tools for the end of the year during journeys to Brussels (Comic), French Anjou (literature and history), or on a ground of archaeological excavations (graphic notes).


Photos : Mélanie Bisel

In Lyon, within the frame of festival BDécines, several groups created comics about the world war I. A storyboard was made out letters, transforming texts in sequences.


The connecting thread of these workshops really thrilled me: confidence! At the end of the workshops, everybody is able to create by himself, and the group energy is on.


If you wish to realize an artistic workshop too, contact me and we prepare together your project.

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