I realised a new drawn report of a firm in an amazing place : Burgundy truffles castle !

Emilie and Yann share their treasure with us, a real fairy tale. First the boutique is set inside a beautiful old Burgundy stone castle. Let’s feel History. Then we follow the dogs truffling. Let’s feel the excitment of treasure hunting. At last we go back to the castle with Or des Valois in the trufflers basket : let’s taste it in a wonderland menu. Moving moments !
Universal activity actually: visitors are families, friends groups and even an American couple guided by Alexia Papin from Divine Bourgogne Tours.
Côte d’Or Tourisme ordered this drawn report to enlighten industrial and gastronomic tourisms of their region. A travel sketchbook online lets the web visitor discover Burgundy’s pleasures with his whole imagination. The goal is to make him wish to visit Côte d’Or for real. Goal achieved !
The drawn report has been published on the blog : Côte d’Or tourisme.
Meet l’Or des Valois at Concoeur, Entre-deux-monts’ castle, and down in Dijon at their wonderful boutique.
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