The head manager of “Les anis de Flavigny” sent me a moving e-mail after the publishing of my graphic report on the website of Côte d’Or Tourisme.

“Dear Emily,
Your watercolour are beautiful, we really enjoyed seeing them appearing on the screen…
Many thanks,
Catherine Troubat, Head Manager”


Les anis de Flavigny

We also gave each other a warm call. She told me the employees were thrilled too about the travel sketchbook of their work. Brigitte above all, whom I drew at her working station handling the lovely sweets boxes.


“The report has a nice snowball effect. One of our American providers, The French farm, just told me about it from Texas !”


The goal of enliven the social networks is reached, both to enlighten the brand’s image and the radiance of the community from Côte d’Or.