The small anise drops of Flavigny, of course you know them!
A factory of candies nested in Burgundy, an ancestral know-how, a beautiful story and a recipe from generation to generation. Here are the values to pass on in this graphic report.


First I visited the factory with Isabelle Cassotti, the dynamic Communication Manager of Tourism Office – Côte-d’Or. Indeed, I realize for her travel sketchbooks published on the blog “A year in Côte d’Or“. She offered the anise plant we’d come to get the atmosphere of the old abbey.

An illustrated story to promote the brand and industrial tourism… Let’s go!

Up in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, a young woman, Lucille, welcomed us and guided us in the factory and the village. The greedy link took shape quickly between the delicious candy, the shooting set of the movie The chocolate, and the inn displaying farm products in front of the church.


Feeling the powerful place, I drew the heading lines of this report. That’s how the art book reaches strong goals:

– Illustrate the values of the company,
– Reveal the backstages of the factory,
– Allow a virtual visit of the surroundings.
The whole brand identity‘s portrait raises itself along the pages.

I kept in mind Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie-Antoinette, and Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, the official painter of the queen who used the same pastel colors as the anise graphic standards.
Besides, I realized in bonus an illustration which means a lot to Catherine Troubat, business manager: the new boutique, which I handled in a stained-glass window way, nice allusion to the abbey.


I put all my heart in this report, transmitting all I saw there, all my emotions: happiness, childhood flavour, delight, admiration…

I wanted to emphasize the brand’s traditions, family atmosphere and esthetics. I was also attuned to the anise plant‘s expectations to illuminate their public image and the Côte d’Or – Tourism Office to supply powerful pictures.


The “buzz” on the internet has been immediate, far beyond the borders, in both networks of the factory and tourism office.


The Côte d’Or Tourisme Community manager sends me an enthusiastic record.
The Flavigny’s Anises Head Manager confirms me the snowball effect on the web.