Tourism Office – Côte d’Or asked me to create drawn reports about their region benefits. These new visual way to communicate will be posted on their blog  “One year in Côte d’Or” to offer original content.

The goal is to show different powerful touristic assets through a digital travel sketchbook.

The drawings won’t only be seen on the blog : they blow on the social networks. Illustrations with impressionnist colors give a new image to all kind of concepts, attracting the public’s eye totally convinced with it. Indeed, illustrations remind us of childhood books and aesthetics expectations, lighting our emotions and inviting us to a trip along the sketches.

For instance, this time, we enlighten the local gastronomy. In only one day in Dijon, I capture the different atmospheres between farm products, lively market and haute cusine. This report in five pages offers a large fan of gastronomic skills and local views. Great job.


An other example : the Anis de Flavigny report was posted on the trademark’s providers.

A charming visual tool, your community manager and networks will love it.


You can see my reports on the blog Une année en Côte d’Or, rubrique les pinceaux d’Emily, and #lacotedorjadore social networks…