The Tête d’Or Park is shining with all his summer suit. Flowers fill the town with their exquisite perfume. The Roses’ exhibition in Lyon must have something to do with it…

One of the many international rendez-vous in Lyon this year.

The town keeps up with the new look to be attractive. Gastronomy, economy, sport, aesthetic… The great Lugdunum has so many assets ! Druids already had their meeting in Lyon, and the fame of the Gaul’s capital keeps enriching ever since Antiquity.

Always early, lifting high the values of innovation, entrepreneurship and good way of life, Lyon has all the qualities to welcome each kind of events.

When you visit us, have a walk around the wonderful park, just in front of the International City where here are many congress and fairs.

Plaine africaine au Parc de la Tête d'Or