We travel a lot in my family. We are also fond of erasmus weddings.

That’s how my brother got married to a Chinese young lady. Now they live near Hong Kong. They have a travel sketchbooks shop in Shenzhen, even some made by local artcraftsmen. Ginger and Christopher, I’d really like to visit you !

Lots of people meet in their shop Simple things. Love stories begin there. A young man even had the most amazing request : “I met my fiancée at your shop. I’d like to propose to her here.” As they’re romantic, Ginger put mountains of flowers to welcome them. The beloved lady got really surprised… And said yes.

It’s incredible to see how this place has become a meeting point of a larger and larger community.

My brother plays ukulele with musicians who feel like to. He even made a flashmob with an unexpected success. Have a look at the video on the Chinese youtube !

Getting married is a marvellous intention. I’ll show you soon the nice artwork I painted for my brother’s wedding to Ginger.