Malagrafica - Symposium du carnet de voyage à Malaga, Espagne


I’m just back from Malaga where I’ve been invited for a special event.

I shared my knowledge in a lecture-workshop : how to realise a sketchbook while travelling.


Carnet de voyage - Panoramique de Malaga


Lectures took place in the morning at the Contemporanean art center. We had the practice during the afternoon, downtown or at the Concepcion garden. Magic places, fantastic talks with artists, a rich event…



International success for the team !

During my lecture, I showed how the travel sketchbook comes to complete a photo album. Texts and illustrations bring sensations, rumours, smells which reminds you every moment even years after your return. It is an artistic way which allows especially to meet people on the spot, to create a link with them : drawing is a universal language.

During the afternoon, I supported the participants in their drawings.

We went in an inspiring garden. We had fantastic models to catch on paper : the tropical plants, the villa and a wedding’s guests, and a breathtaking panorama of the Mediterranean sea.



At sunrise and sunset, I realized some watercolors from a high point of view (the best!) I also made some portraits. I used several sketchbooks, even my brother’s gift, from the sketchbooks shop he runs with his wife in Shenzhen. This one was made by a craftsman whom they know. The brown paper is very fine, no watercolor this time, but interesting games of contrast!



I also practiced the techniques of all the speakers.
As for example, the architectural drawing… Or still the panoramic drawing…
This artistic symposium closed under the Andalusian sun, inspiring for all those who had the opportunity to attend to it.


Malaga - La cathédraleMalagrafica sketching point - Vue panoramique du port