The Community manager of Côte d’Or Tourism invited me again to make their region shine through my travel sketchbooks…


This time, we travel to Alesia, such a space-time trip! We catch up with other actors of local tourism, like the director of Fontenay Abbey, we discover the exhibition event. Astérix is in Alésia !


I draw a methodic report : the museum-park, the dayly life stuff of Romans and Gaullics, and of course THE Asterix’s creators’ desks. It’s so interesting to see the way they get their documentation, how their work really does refer to history, always with a great sense of humour.


I get inspired by this spirit to give personnality to my graphic report.

Have a look at the complete episode on the blog “A year in Côte d’Or” : Astérix in Alésia.


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