BIG Lyon – Live illustrations

Monsieur Bocuse made a great event out of the tunnel de la Croix Rousse which becam a fantastic path of la grande cuisine !

We get in at the Saône side, to have fun walking from dessert to the soup of Monsieur Paul… How thrilling to see the biggest cheeses plate ever by l’affineur Mons, who sings bel canto. Let’s savour !

Here are the best French artmen I drew in this special artbook :

The event was organised by GL Events, who made a real party out of the tunnel,
Umami and Julien Bouvier, gourmet pictures…
Halles Bocuse, of course !
Boucherie Trolliet and the chef Philippe Girardon, du Domaine de Clairefontaine, create a flavourish box,
The bread pain du gone, bakers who make their own flour,
Cerise et Potiron, season groceries,
Beaujolais de Tarare, fantastic recipes with wine grapes,
Boulangerie Jocteur, its marvellous sugared almonds tarts,
Feed, cattering who makes us travel in our plate,
Chocolats Valrhona, authentic taste of chocolate,
Arnaud Chambost, sommelier, who explains us the wine,
Chez Bobosse, real Lyon spirit delicatessen,
Fromager affineur Mons, cheese master who sings bel canto !
Poissonnerie d’Ainay,  “Chez Cédric”, real piece of art out of fishes,
Maraicher “Voie verte”, to grow tasty vegetables,
Distillerie des Alpes, Philibert, to end well the banquet…

Here is the recipe of Paul Bocuse – Humble but great and tasty soup ! (Fancy to taste it ?)

Can’t wait for BIG 2017 !