Blog Emily Nudd-Mitchell - Evenementiel - Reportage Opera Lyon

Have you ever dreamt to discover what’s under the opera’s dome ?

Well I do think of it each time I see its silhouette. And as I’ve been selected to be part of Brigade du Ballet, that’s a solved mistery I should share with you. Pierre-Henri Alquier, Head of marketing at the Opera, and Nadja Pobel, journalist at Petit Bulletin, asked 11 artists to tell what’s hidden behind the decor. Writers, photographers, painters…

We follow the dance company to practice their William Forsythe’s choregraphy, up in the dome, and down under the stage : vertigo.

First we go to the show room. Wagner ghost boat’s prow takes the whole stage from top to floor, stuck on real sand, sand everywhere. Then we let ourselves charmed by the dancers on top of the opera, totally forgetting the stunish surrounding panorama on Lyon’s roofs. Forsythe’s brutal choregraphies take all our attention, that’s the best recognition of the interpretation of the Company. And when it’s over at night, the dancers can go to rest : the public is already arriving to enjoy Wagner. Will you go to see the show ?

Come up with me at the Opera, along my art book :