She was the sister and witness of the groom at the same time, double responsibility !

She was looking for an original animation to entertain the guests of the wedding.

The garden party was an open-air dance hall style and took place in a small village down by the riverside. There was a jazz gipsy group, some “coconut shy” games typical of a day in the country. I wore a vintage style dress to merge with the guests and drew all these characters just taken from movies of the Nouvelle vague !

We got on well during the first interview with the witness (and sister !) of the groom : “As we said this afternoon, I would be thrilled if you could come to my brother’s wedding. I hope the surprise will cheer them up :) Thanks for listening to my wishes, I’m even more looking forward to seeing you draw at the party, awesome !”

After the party, she will send me a nice testimonial

” I’d like to thank you for your great work ! It’s been nice to see everyone revolving around you while painting them. I’m so happy Yann and Charlène were pleased by the surprise, they’ll have nice watercolour memories. Your paintings are amazing. Thank you so much !”